Monday, March 12, 2012

w.A.L.L A.r.T

Peacocks and butterflies - two of my favourites when it comes to design and home decor! I handpainted the peacock design on a wall in the living room and I also created the butterflies effect for the corridor.

I love a lot of bright colours all around me - be it home decor or even in the clothes I wear! Hey, I feel the peacock design looks like an ancient Rajasthani tribal pattern, doesn't it?

The blues and greens together combine into a vibrant wedding of design - it is hardly any surprise then, that the peacock is one of the most colourful birds in the animal world. 

Butterflies dance around in the corridor walls of our home. I did a little melange of leaves, flowers and butterflies to give a real feel. 

Then again, sometimes I feel this is a lot of effort for a rental home which we will eventually leave some day. But my love for art and creating decor won't let me sit still - so I guess I will keep creating and we will enjoy it as long as we can! :D

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