Sunday, February 7, 2010

The basket

A frilly frock with a beautiful pink lace; A glistening pair of baby-sized anklets. A small box of kohl and a little doll house. They lay quietly; in the deep abyss of the fluffy pink basket.

Ma, Hope you and dad will be here this week? The doctor says the baby may come in earlier than we expected.

The cupboard was all set and ready with the best wardrobe a baby girl could ever want. It was a zoo theme for the nursery ~ cute elephants and giraffes danced together on the mellow yellow walls.
Rattle toys, sqawking toy parrots - this little princess would have it all.

Push gently sweetheart.. push.. push.. yes breathe breathe.. push.. .... ooooh the baby girl's here !!!

The tinkling of the wind chimes awakened Ruki. The baby lay snuggling against her, fast asleep. She watched, as sleep enveloped her precious granddaughter Deah.

And then, she shed a tear. For her little pink princess born 30 years ago, who didn't get a chance at life. The life which was now Deah's to live.
She'd be grandma's precious angel; the keeper of her joys and unfulfilled dreams.

The fluffy pink basket came to life :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids are just the cutest :)

Tots are the cutest, aren't they?

Samarth was lounging around today evening; and attempting to cuddle with me. He takes my palm in his and says 'Amma kaii soft-aa irruku' [Amma's palms are so soft :P] and then snuggles in..

My child made my day with his compliment :D