Thursday, April 23, 2009

To My Darling Samarth, with oodles of Love

[Samarth to me] : Umeeya? Don't cry ... peesh don't cry !
Samarth is my joyous little angelic 30 month old toddler son. He pronounces my name as Umeeya, and he said the above sentence to me last night when I was pretending to cry because he'd jumped over my back and hurt me.

19th October 2006. One of the most defining days in the 24 years of my existence on this planet, when the birth of my little boy totally changed my perspectives in life. From a carefree little klutz who lived in her own little world; I was now a MOM !! To this day, there's no predicting what stunts he's going to try next or what's the new word he's going to say [his vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds by the day]. As much as it may frustrate me at times; one sweet smile from him and I totally give in. Yes, he rules !

Let me now share with you the beautiful little poem that I penned on 11th November 2006 when my angelic Samarth was less than a month old. It was in the early hours of the afternoon sun while watching him fall asleep in my embrace; that I decided to pour it all out.

Your tender fingers envelope mine,
The first rays of sunshine, glow in your enchanting smile

Your breath so sweet, it feels warm against my skin
Nestled between my arms
You mean the world to me.

I cannot love you enough
Cannot satiate my heart with a glimpse of your face
Every breath that you take, fills my soul with a renewed passion

Tender feet, that patter against my chest
You watch me, arms outstretched
Asking for love, your eyes in a delicate quest

Watching you fall asleep, my heart fills with an unending love
A miracle, my angel
Sent by the Lord above

I want to write a little note to Samarth:
Every woman dreams of a cute little baby they can call their own and you are ALL mine. You know what? Sometimes I wish you'd never grow up. That you'd always be this little guy clutching his Amma's hand and wanting to be helped around. But; it's the circle of life and the rule of the universe. You'll soon be 3, begin to go to preschool and place your little hands in the books of education. Every single moment I spend with you, I'm filled with delight and unending love. I'm hoping you will read this as you get older and I hope I can be a continual source of inspiration to you; as my parents were to me. I want to treasure you, cherish every second we spend together and keep recording it for posterity.

Thank you Samarth, for being in my life.


Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful , Urmi. You deserve to win the contest for bringing out all the tenderness and beauty in our little infants. I really understand when u said you wanted S to remain a little child all along. I feel the same way sometimes about R!

Phoenixritu said...

Such a warm and affectionate entry. I freely give my comments because I feel enriched by the souls that I meet in the blogs I visit. I agree with what Pal says, its beautiful

Anonymous said...

awesome urmi..tht was sooo..touchin.i bet samarth will hav tears in his eyes as he goes thru dis poem wen he is old enaf!

Anonymous said...

But for these little bundles of joy our lives would be so empty. Thank you for bringing love and cheer to my life with such a heartwarming post. Love and hugs to Samarth. Good Wishes to the fortunate mom:)

Patricia Torres said...

Urmi.. its amazing.. that you can pen down your thoughts so well!! Its lovely!! I've got two girls.. 6 and 4 and in all honesty.. dont know where these 6 years disappeared.. Sometimes I too wish she was small... :-(

Swaram said...

Nice one :)

Gans said...

Hey this is gr8..this is well narrated n touchin..

Renu said...

Hey beautifully expressed.Truly amazing feeling and I'm sure Samarth will grow up to be a rich in every possible aspect in his mummy's inspiration.

harshal said...

Hello Urmila,
Very good one! The nice thing is that you penned down your thoughts very well.

Pipettesmimi said...

aWWW sho shweet..Beautiful entry Urmila.I came over from Indus LAdies..:)
BTW,My little one also says Peesh..its so cute.

Jaya said...

Fantastic work Urmi!I know one day when he is old enough Samarth sure is goin to be proud of his Mom.
Happy Mother's day in advance!!!
Jaya Chithi

Phoenixritu said...

The score board is open for viewing. Do activate your network for the final round of voting. Poll ends at 10 p.m. Indian Standard Time.

May the best Mom win

Subbulakshmi said...

Really nice :) and he does have really cute vocab :) - savitha

Anonymous said...

Life does change when they are born!! Loved your poem... specially,
I cannot love you enough
Cannot satiate my heart with a glimpse of your face
Every breath that you take, fills my soul with a renewed passion

Preeta said...

superb eyes filled as I read this and thought of my mother and her unending love. Very very sweet note. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Urmi. Now only I got to read this .
Your words resound every mother's heart .

Urmi said...

Thanks sooo much all of you :)