Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tag Eleven!

So wow I'm doing this tag thing again - and leaping at it, 'coz I love it so much! I love being tagged and answering random questions that other people set up for me :D Thank you dahling Pallavi for this very new game!!

SO, before I start, here are the R.u.L.e.S :P

The Rules:
1. You must post the rules!
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.
These are my answers to the craziest questions Pal has asked ;)
1. If you were crowned ‘Ms/Mr/Mrs/etc’ World, how would you start your ‘thank you’ speech?
Definitely not in the cliched manner. I'd unashamedly thank myself and my capabilities for getting me the title ;) Yeah!! First I'd thank my own personality and self, and then I would mention the others :P
2. If you had to turn yourself into a cartoon character, who/what would you choose?
I think 'Shaun the Sheep' because he's really funny, witty and he likes to be a leader
3. What would be your response to a troll comment like ‘Your blog is utter crap!‘?
'Simple - the very fact that you're here and you chose to write a comment like that shows how much you admire me and secretly wish you had my creative abilities' :P Howzzat!
4. If you found a bag of cash (huge cash), what would you do? Take it to the police station, keep it for yourself, or any other option?
Oooooh well as easy as it would be, really, to keep it for myself - I really believe in Karma. So I'd take it to the police station for sure. 
5. Describe your first poo/wee accident as a child. Ha ha ha!:wicked: If you don’t remember, then just invent one!
Shuttup Pal !! - no way I am answering this one! :D 
6. If someone pays you a million dollars to watch a scary horror film, sitting ALONE in a graveyard at midnight, would you do it?
I would make a deal with that person that I am willing to share the amount provided he/she and I will watch the aforementioned horror movie together. If he/she backs out first then I get the whole amount! :P
7. What is your one piece of advice to Rahul Baba (Gandhi)?
Sorry I don't follow Indian politics and I don't care because it is such a sorry state of affairs.
8. If you could banish the Bacchhan parivaar, where would you send them?
Hmm I don't think I'd banish them in the first place ;) I love reading the updates and especially Big B's blog :)
9. What is your proudest moment?
Despite not being very intelligent and a genius - I have managed to achieve what I wanted education-wise and that in itself I think makes me really proud. And also the fact that I continue to add to my self-value on a daily basis. A real proud moment is coming up when I finally will get hold of my PGDBA certificate mid this year :)
10. What is your most romantic moment?
Hubby has never been an outright romantic person but his gestures and words mean a lot to me. I got married to him with a different notion of romance in my head but I love how he has totally redefined it for me :) and has made me realize that romance is not always the filmy Bollywood types. 
11. And finally (phew), if you had a time machine, which year would you transport yourself to, and why?
I'm quite happy living in the age where I am in right now. I am proud to admit that I have, so far, enjoyed every phase and do not wish to rewind. Everything has come at the right time to me when I have been able to relish it - so far so good!!
Sorry Pal - were you expecting spicier answers? ;)
I'm tagging some lovely bloggers here:
1. Patty
2. Rose
5. Subha
7. Richa
9. Shanti
10. Rekha
11. Jyotsna
Ok here are my set of 11, here we go:
1. Have you had a 'superhero' moment ever?
2. Did you ever wish you had lived your life so far differently? If yes, then what would you have changed?
3. At what time of the day do you feel at your most energetic best?
4. Do you believe in the existence of the supernatural?
5. Mere paas gaadi hai, bank balance hai - tumhare paas kya hai? ;)
6. Island baby or Mighty Mountaineer - which one is you?
7. Are you a people's person or do you prefer your solitude?
8. Blue for boys and Pink for girls. Why do you think people love to stereotype?
9. Why is the sky so high?
10. If you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that by a cruel twist of fate - you are now a quadriplegic, how would you react?
11. If you had another chance at love - would you take it?

Get on with it girls - waiting to see all your responses :) This sure is fun!

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