Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My son, a reflection of me!

I'm sure we all see ourselves in our child in some way or the other, isn't it? It's the same nowadays with me and Samarth. He is 6.5 years old and in every way, he shares a lot of my interests. I used to be like him at that age.

Samarth loves art, dance, music, craft and he can always be seen with a book trailing near him. He also enjoys writing! It makes me so wistful to see him growing up because I see a reflection of my little self in him. As a child, I was exactly like him. And yes he has the same quirks like I did. Random absent-mindedness and a slight math-o-phobia :-D :-D

I am amazed each day by his show of affection towards everyone around him. Samarth can never play favourites and in that way he is nothing like me - I can be very partial to the people I love and I can totally ignore people who annoy me. Samarth loves everyone equally and cannot bear to see anyone sad or upset. He would be the first one to cheer them up! He is unlike me in such aspects, I wasn't that way as a kid though. I used to always be in my own world and I was the 'live and let live' types - in a way I am still like that.

Each day is a different day! Sometimes I feel I can tear all my hair out because he shuts off and will completely ignore every word I say (but of course, he's in his own world :-) ) And sometimes I find myself all teary-eyed at something he says or does - yeah I'm a sappy mom and I wouldn't trade my kids for anything in this world!