Monday, May 8, 2017

My Age is more than just a number

Oh yes, you read that right! 

Sometime in late March, I entered my mid 30s. My older son Samarth was busy announcing my age to all and sundry and I heard a lot of chuckles around and was beginning to wonder why. What is so great in hiding one's age? 

My age is my badge of honour. I very proudly say it loud and clear and don't attempt to hide it with a tee-hee or ha-ha or some joke.

So apparently there's this saying, that don't ask a woman her age and a man his salary. Because a woman never lives for herself and a man never earns for himself. Really? Is that even true in today's day and age - I think it is really outdated. 

I can surely speak for myself. I enjoy my me-time as much as I enjoy my mommy+wife+multiple role time with the family. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that those snippets of time recharge me and remind me about what I am as an individual and allow me to reflect on my journey so far. After all one cannot pour from an empty cup!!

I wear my age proudly as a title. I do not care if 'I look my age or younger or older'. I am so self-assured that comments do not matter to me anymore. I think all women should be comfortable enough to reach this point in life where nothing can shake them anymore. 

If anything - my age has taught me to reflect on the inner core rather than the outer shell. It has taught me to look through the facades and masks that some people insist on wearing. As I enter a new year in life, I have learned to tune into my instincts more than ever and trust them to help me make decisions. Yep, I'm certainly doing a lot of important decision making these days :)

Ageing gracefully is an art and I do intend to take baby steps in that direction. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

In 2017 : Emotions, Prioritizing and more..

How soon two months of the new year have flown by us!
Towards the end of 2016, I learned a harsh lesson and learned how to cut off toxic people from my life. It really felt like a breath of fresh air!  Getting angry and giving an intense reaction was the easy way out and it would have been so convenient to choose it. But I chose to give a cold shoulder - something I thought I could never do. For me the most important thing was that my kids were watching my reaction and they were simultaneously imbibing. At that time, I felt a bit like the lion in this pic below :D
Every time life gets tough do you give up? Do you find an excuse not to exercise? Remember that you are a role model for your children and that they are always watching you. If you enjoy exercising chances are they will too. Kids pick up your behaviors. Exercise is important know matter how old you are. Kids should be getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Make a change today! Show your children how important it is for them to take care of their bodies. It's the only one they have.:
I realised that only when we stick up for ourselves and prioritize our feelings and emotions - will other people do the same. We need to be stronger and sometimes more vocal - not to be confused with being rude. Being vocal is being assertive - and yes it can be done very politely.
Here's something cute that has been doing the rounds on the internet lately - How to convert your 'sorrys' into 'thank yous'. Reducing the number of unnecessary sorrys - also aids projecting a more self-confident version of ourselves.

One of the images I liked from that link is this one below. What a difference words can make!


Vocalising is so important - it is something I am learning along the way. Body language and mannerisms that accompany the words - can change the meaning altogether. Assertiveness is important and so is realising the importance of self-respect.
If there's one thing I am working on changing in myself this year, it is my reactions to unpleasant situations. I want to be calmer, I want to be more composed. It would be more of a personality overhaul, I guess. Over time, I have realised that people who intentionally want to hurt us by way of their words or actions, are fuelled by our reactions.
The easiest way out is to keep quiet - and let them know they have not affected you in any way. Barking dogs, seldom bite.
Here's to a year of positivity, a year of making slow and gradual changes. Wish me luck!! :D