Friday, February 5, 2016

Life is in the Small Moments :)

When we thought that 2016 has just begun, here we stand 5 days into the second month already! Whoa!
I am trying to infuse positivity into my outlook for this year and have decided not to think about anything that is not in my sphere of control for the moment. Every now and then, I find my mind overcrowding with thoughts and it is then that I realize that YES, it is possible for us to control our thoughts and it is in our hands as to what we let affect us.
The first month of the year was filled with so many moments, precious and priceless. Taking a good look at both my cubs everyday, I discover in sheer amazement as to how soon they are growing. What the hubby and me are doing is not just raising kids, we are shaping individual personalities and grooming them as humane and empathetic people who will eventually be independent and lead their lives in such stellar ways that make us proud.
The little one is so happy to follow in his Anna's footsteps. Sometimes it is literally following every step and tagging behind :D :D So we also tell Anna how important it is to set the right example and how he has to be careful because the little eyes are always watching his every move :)
On another note, the hubby and me absolutely delight in making plans for the following weekend even before the ongoing weekend has ended :P Somehow, it perks us up when there is something to look forward to.
By the way, it does not have to be anything fancy.
Our outings with the kids are mainly to the parks as we are in the midst of a beautiful UAE winter. We sit together and share a few words as the older one cycles around and the younger one climbs monkey bars shrieking in sheer delight and discovers that he can navigate the higher slides without help! :)
Life Is In The Small Moments. Those moments that pass us by as we browse idly through a social media feed or anything random. I am guilty of it too. Remedying it one day at a time :)