Monday, March 19, 2012

My first bloggie award! - Thanks Richa!!

My sweet little friend from the blogger world, Richa... had given me this Heart Locket award award somewhere in the month of December 2011 - and me being the eternal procrastinator, never did really mention it here as an acceptance :( Sorry sweetie!

Here is a link to her post :

 This isn't the exact image of the award she gave me - I had to google it because her blog does not allow to copy images :)

The Heart Locket award carries with it some rules though:
1. If you get the award, pass it on to 7 blogs
2. Put the picture of the award in your post
3. Don't pass this award back to me
4. Answer the questions below and post it on your blog.

My answers are:

1. What makes you feel great about yourself?

I think I have a head on my shoulders and am far more confident now than I was in my early 20s. I have evolved as a person and learned a lot about the world around me, which makes me feel stronger. Experiences shape personalities, and though I haven't seen much of the big, bad world; I have learned from whatever little I have had the opportunity to notice around me. I am thankful for this entire circle of awareness.

2. Who inspires you the most? And specifically, which qualities inspire you in each person? You can list as many as you like.

I have a whole list of people around me who inspire in different ways. I admire mothers I see at my son's school who manage multiple children together [3 or more] and with a smile on their face all through - and they manage to drop their kids and go to work as well with not a minute to rest. I always am left wondering how that is physically possible - but I have learned that it is not impossible either. Secondly, I love and admire my dad's perseverance and determination which enabled him to complete an MBA when in his mid 40s and a PhD a few years later. He has and will always be an ongoing source of inspiration.

I would like to pass on this award to seven worthy bloggers:

1. Patty
2. Subha
3. Masala Popsicles
4. Writerzblock by Pallavi
5. Rekha
6. Jyotsna
and, 7. Ritu

I really love your blogs - keep writing and keep smiling ! :)


Ritu said...

Thanks Urmi. I'll pick it up soon

Sandhya Vaidyanathan said...

THanks !!!!!!

Masala Popsicles

Richa said...

thanks for accepting the award and for your wonderful answers.

i know u have been tagged by u...but i m finding it impossible to blog with my little one...will do that soon! :)

sharikahline said...

Thanks Urmi!