Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello Half-year 2011 ?

Naawwwwww I can't believe the half of 2011 has disappeared already so soon?? :)

I've been up to a lot ! Finished my Semester 3 of the PGDBA, and also started to work full-time :) In between all that it's been a whirling typhoon with managing the house, husband and the kid. And I've also been supporting and contributing to a lot of other blogs too :)

I am so totally looking forward to the rest of 2011... want to travel, see one new destination at least and I want to just relax. I also want to meet my personal goal of staying in touch with friends and speaking to them on the phone [at least what I can manage].

And I also want to write more... :) and I promise to pay more attention to Raagfusion and update more often ! :)