Sunday, March 18, 2012

News around the world of late that has made me happy!

Tidbits of news in India and around the globe recently that have brightened me up :)

The jurors in India-born student Dharun Ravi's case, who came out with a guilty verdict on Friday that may jail him for 10 years and even lead to his deportation, say his repeated attempts to watch and gossip about his gay roommate's sexual encounter convinced them that he committed hate crime.

The jurors - seven women and five men - had spent over two days deliberating on the 15 charges that Ravi faced, including bias intimidation, invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence. 
Finally Tyler's soul shall rest in peace - justice prevails !! Should I feel sorry for Dharun? No way - I think he deserved this for being the perpetrator of Tyler's misery. Dharun had absolutely no right to do what he did - I have no words to describe what I feel.

And this :)

A Polish woman lay upside down in labour for 75 days to save the lives of her two premature babies after the first of three foetuses growing inside her was born prematurely and died.

Joanna Krzysztonek eventually gave birth to baby girl Iga and boy Ignacy two and a half months later, on February 15, at a neo-natal clinic in the southwestern Polish town of Wroclaw.

“I sighed with relief that there was a chance to keep the pregnancy and to give the babies a chance to be born successfully,” she said.
There are absolutely no limits to a mother's determination and perseverance - that's why it is said that heaven truly lies beneath a mother's feet :)

And this :)

Social welfare officials have received at least a dozen phone calls from interested Emirati families wishing to adopt an 11-day-old baby girl that was abandoned last week in Sharjah.
The baby girl was discovered by a man outside a villa in Al Hera, and was admitted to Al Qasimi Hospital to recuperate from a fever and a cold.
Naeema Al Nakhi, head of the social services section at Al Qasimi Hospital said the baby, whose nationality is not known, was in a healthy and stable condition.
"She was left on the floor without a blanket to cover her up from the wind. If she was left for a longer time in the cold it could have been fatal," said Naeema.
So wow, there is still humanity left in this world :)

By the way an alarming number of babies are being abandoned in the UAE of late... I really wonder why and how the statistics have risen this far - really makes me sad.

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