Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Vishu to all the readers of my Blog !! May the nava-varsha bring lots of happiness, love and prosperity!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our children, Our priceless treasure

April 2011 has been selected as the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month.

Call me paranoid, call me weird. Say what you want, but I won't budge.

October 19th 2006 - a day when hubby and I were entrusted with a little bundle of responsibility by the Lord Almighty, and then right there I had made a pledge. I had in my arms, a little baby that was born in this world in which molesters and paedophiles lurk around everywhere and no path is ever safe.

I don't know why some people like to imagine that it does not exist, and that all is hunky-dory with this world. OPEN YOUR EYES, I want to scream. I want to shake such people awake to the gruesome crimes that are happening all around us, and turning a blind eye to it does not mean that all is well.
Hah, you'll say. How is that even possible, do you think you'll take on the world all by yourself? Oh sure I think I will, but then that's the mum in me speaking.

Honestly though, I wonder if I will ever be able to safeguard him from all these evil human elements that are out to snatch his innocence. As careful as we are with keeping an eye on him, in a fraction of a second, things could change. And trust me when I say that. Read on for more.

On a recent vacation abroad, we were shopping at a boutique when sonny boy disappeared. In those 10 minutes that we couldn't find him - all sorts of thoughts roared past my mind !! We looked for him everywhere around the place, my heart pounding hard. I cursed myself for that 1 nanosecond that I had let my gaze wander away from him whilst I looked at some accessories. I screamed his name out loud everywhere and no answer. Finally at the end of 10 whole minutes we discovered that he had run past the exit and was looking for me.

But those precious minutes that we were clueless about his whereabouts - taught me a big lesson. That I could never take his safety for granted. Never, ever. Not for a single moment could I assume that this world had one nice samaritan who would return my lost child to his mommy.

These days, the 'cruelties' of humans who derive sadistic satisfaction by preying on children, have crossed all limits. In the Middle East, where I live, a lot of cases go unreported and a lot is hushed up due to the 'culture' and the 'laws' of the land. It is for this very reason that I have never been comfortable with the idea of sending my child to a daycare or even hiring a nanny to take care of him. I can't decide which option is better - so for the past 4 years I decided to do without it altogether and work from home for his sake.

Read more about 4 year old Mousa's ordeal here, the crime took place in Dubai in November 2009 - his offender was executed by the firing squad on 10th Feb this year.


I call upon all parents to maintain a healthy relationship with their children - and always lend a listening ear to your child so that he/she will feel secure enough to tell you all about their day.

Most importantly, as a parent learn to trust your instinct. If you think something is wrong then 99% of the times, it is. Never ever ignore even the slightest change in your child's behaviour. If it appears unusual, try to probe a little more and look for clues.

Be aware !! After all, our child's safety is our responsibility - and not the child's!


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