Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eco-craft: 'Wild Thing' project for Samarth's homework

Hi !! - I'm Rumpoo :) Here's a short introduction to who I am and how I came to life!!

Samarth got a homework project from school to make a wild creature using recycled materials. His mom and he conjured up some ideas, and voila - they created me! Let's now see HOW exactly they made me!

I was originally a plastic water bottle, whose head they chopped off!  Then they rolled a sheet of newspaper and stuck it through the holes they had punched into the bottle - to create my hands.

Now it was time to make a head for me!! They crumpled a ball of newspaper and stuck it on the top of the bottle. Samarth's mom had an old torn kaftan which was lying around, she snipped off a piece from it and fashioned an outfit for me, yaaaaaay!! . Luckily it was a batik print - ideal for the look I was aiming for!!

Oh and they used newspaper which was rolled and cut into strips to make me some hair - woo hoo so they ensured I wasn't bald any more!! I was beginning to look really cute now and very much like myself!

Hello Hello!! :D - and that's ME!!

Hi Everyone - look at me, posing for a photograph in Samarth's class!

Byee!! :D