Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reviewing my year so far

What a year it has been. 2015 - are you here already?

First, our TV breathed its last in the month of January and second, the better half fractured his foot in February . Read more about that here  :D

But all's well that ends well. He recovered in a month and was back on his feet, albeit a little slowly and treading carefully on the delicate foot. We enjoyed a week in Greece in the month of April. I chronicled it here.

Towards the middle of the year, our older cub S went off on his own to India to enjoy his summer holidays with his grandparents. It was a transition of sorts for all of us, and an especially big milestone for him. I just could not bring myself to say goodbye, the thought that I would not see him for nearly 2 months made my heart break. The first week was bad but daily Skype sessions with him kept our spirits up and it was nice to know that the kid was really enjoying himself with his friends and meeting up with cousins and relatives.

The little one turned 2 over the summer. He was a quiet little toddler at the beginning of this year but has progressed to a terrible tantrum throwing tot for whom it's his way or the highway. The days he is well behaved, we are all more relaxed and definitely happier. On other days, it is a struggle and seems like the end of the world. He started the year with just 3 or 4 teeth and now in October he has 16 teeth, which means he has been teething consistently through the year. Which is also a good indication of how tough it has been on all of us.

Workwise, things have been easy for me and I have only been taking on as much as I can, given my circumstances. Who ever said it was easy for mommies?

With a couple of more months towards hurtling to the end of 2014, I can only pray for peace and happiness to prevail as it has and here's looking forward to a bright and cheery 2015 :) May the best and only the very best be in store for all of us.