Monday, May 8, 2017

My Age is more than just a number

Oh yes, you read that right! 

Sometime in late March, I entered my mid 30s. My older son Samarth was busy announcing my age to all and sundry and I heard a lot of chuckles around and was beginning to wonder why. What is so great in hiding one's age? 

My age is my badge of honour. I very proudly say it loud and clear and don't attempt to hide it with a tee-hee or ha-ha or some joke.

So apparently there's this saying, that don't ask a woman her age and a man his salary. Because a woman never lives for herself and a man never earns for himself. Really? Is that even true in today's day and age - I think it is really outdated. 

I can surely speak for myself. I enjoy my me-time as much as I enjoy my mommy+wife+multiple role time with the family. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that those snippets of time recharge me and remind me about what I am as an individual and allow me to reflect on my journey so far. After all one cannot pour from an empty cup!!

I wear my age proudly as a title. I do not care if 'I look my age or younger or older'. I am so self-assured that comments do not matter to me anymore. I think all women should be comfortable enough to reach this point in life where nothing can shake them anymore. 

If anything - my age has taught me to reflect on the inner core rather than the outer shell. It has taught me to look through the facades and masks that some people insist on wearing. As I enter a new year in life, I have learned to tune into my instincts more than ever and trust them to help me make decisions. Yep, I'm certainly doing a lot of important decision making these days :)

Ageing gracefully is an art and I do intend to take baby steps in that direction.