Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Celebrating another birthday :)

Everytime I think of updating the blog, I feel I have nothing to say. But when I sit and think on a daily basis, there are so many thoughts that cross my mind :D Does it happen to you too?

I turned a year older a few days ago - how exciting :D It was a year well spent watching my kids grow and sailing together in the boat which is a symbol of our life together. Through the trials and tribulations of daily life and through smiles and tears. I feel like I get all sentimental around the time it is my birthday and I introspect so much. Which is nice!

Birthdays remind us how blessed we are. How incredibly blessed we are to have a family that loves us and depends on us for their emotional needs and whose faces light up at the very hint of a smile on our face :)

A birthday is less a celebration of the day you were born; but more a commemoration of the life you have led since that day. A birthday is special because it is that one day which reminds you of your life goals and the purpose of your life. The greater purpose.

I definitely remind myself of whatever I wish to achieve this year and I hope to be truthful to it. Everything in our life does not go as planned, but it's ok. It's always OK to have a plan B and use it without guilt if necessary. That's one life lesson from the past year :D :D