Friday, September 23, 2011

Short Film Review: 'Meals Ready' - Short Film in Malayalam- By Nithuna Dinesh

All the people who have commented below the video, wrote about how sad the video is. I agree it is sad, but I am speechless at the grandpa's strong sense of self respect. It teaches us about what is more important in life and at the end of each day - money or a sense of intrinsic happiness. The way he sees it, at least the food he is eating will be what he has earned respectfully, regardless of whatever job he does. And I think that is the lesson for all of us here, sticking to our values and upholding our self-respect no matter what.

Even though grandpa and grandma live alone and they have no family, they are happy and they will sleep peacefully because they have each other. After watching the video, instead of feeling sad, this video gave me a good feeling. You will wonder how?

Despite the fact that the restaurant owner is ill treating the grandpa, still grandpa has no hard feelings towards him. Neither does he lose his cool nor curse him. Grandpa treats it like any other job on this planet which is thankless. It is so obvious here that in every manner he is richer than that restaurant owner, even though he is monetarily poorer. Money does give us a lot of opportunities and opens up a new world to us, but the lack of it does not mean the end of happiness.

Another thing I noted was that the restaurant owner was sulky faced the whole day but this grandpa had a smile at the end of the day - because no matter how tough his day is, at the end of the afternoon he had his life partner at home to share his food and happiness. Even if the restaurant owner had all riches in this world, he may have been ridden with guilt for not even offering the old man a drink of water.

Somehow I thought the director of this video was giving the viewers two choices. Either we lament about how sad life is for the two old people who have no family to care for them or provide for them - or, we take away valuable life lessons :) I choose the latter and I am sure most of us will :)


Mythili Kannan said...

Urmi, I didn't watch the movie yet, as I don't want to watch in hurry. But your review made me to make a mark to watch it once I am back from school.

Kanaran said...


Must See This Short Film also.

Created For Public Awareness..The DUEL

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