Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whackworthy Individuals - Contest at Blogadda.com

Normally I’m this person who believes in non-violence. I prefer to mete out the silent treatment to those around me and it always works. But being an Arian, ‘non-violence’ shouldn’t really be a part of my dictionary, should it?

Parents who look lovingly upon their ‘angelic’ children spreading havoc have always; I repeat, always amazed me. And have annoyed me endlessly. There was this little 3 year old boy at my son’s nursery class – who would insist on pushing my son around every day as we stood outside the nursery to head home in the afternoons. A little, harmless shoving around is nice for the kids and especially boys. But one day, it was clearly the limit because he shoved him so strongly that my son fell against a tree. And the mother!! She stood watching her son; not uttering a single word. I glared at him and his mom to get the point home. Thank God my boy was not hurt. Else I’d be writing here about HOW I whacked her [tee hee!] I have no idea how some parents cannot absolutely discipline their children. Even after I questioned her about her son’s behaviour, she just ignored me and walked off!

People who spit on the road anger me because they cannot be fined under the law here where I live. Especially those who make all sorts of grunting sounds to accompany their filthy act, make me want to pick the nearest weapon of assault and whack. They just don’t care that other people are walking past them. And why is it joyous for them to deface the very pavements that they hang around every day? It disgusts me to no end. I am praying for the day when the Singaporean law system is applied to every country around the world. I am proud of the way Singapore has enforced their rules regarding hygiene and general demeanour; in such a strong way that the residents have no choice but to abide by it.

In my opinion, people who backbite either at their workplace or in personal relationships, are insecure personalities with low self-esteem. They cannot fathom that other people can be happier than them and would go to any lengths to ‘crush’ the happiness, and draw attention to themselves. One would only understand, if one had been a victim of such behaviour. I for one, can never understand how some women can perfect the fake ‘Ooh-HOW-are-you, ooo-long-time-no-see’ routine. When it’s obvious, they’re thinking exactly the opposite at that very moment. Like, how did SHE come here, to this event?

People who show a blatant intolerance towards children, are annoying. For heaven’s sake, children will be what they are. They have the right to jump around and do funny things. It’s the only time they can get away with such behaviour, right? But no, some ‘adults’ just don’t get it. I have been given ‘the look’ by some people at public places when my son is running around generally and manages to get in their way. Have they have forgotten that they were kids once-upon-a-time too? By the way, I think adulthood is not just about growing physically. It’s also about maturing, growing wiser and learning from experiences.

Last but not the least, I want to whack people who compare. I mean those who are always in the race to get ahead and show that they are better. This urge to compare trickles into every little sphere of their lives and never really leaves. Salaries, expenditure, toddler’s weight, children’s exam scores, new vacation spots and the list goes on and on. Woebegone are those who are at the receiving end of such people’s constant meaningless chatter. Somehow it’s a very Indian concept because I interact with European women frequently and have realised that they don’t really waste time discussing such.

The challenge lies in making a difference. To try and spread LOVE all around us to make this world a happier place to live in.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mystery Fiction Contest @ Blogadda.com

Hi Folks ! This is my entry to the 'Mystery Fiction Contest' at Blogadda.com . You can find the announcement to the contest here: http://blog.blogadda.com/2010/05/12/a-mystery-fiction-contest-whodunnit

It was absolute fun figuring out who the killer could've been. I couldn't think of a more suitable answer than the one below :) Here goes..


It’s very obvious as to who is the killer. It’s Lila’s conscience, the person who lived inside her!! An integral part of her that had borne way too much over the years. Heavy, disturbed and shaken, it just could take no more.

All her life, Lila derived pleasure in dominating over her men and other relationships; which had given her more than just plain happiness. It was a feeling of sadistic joy. However, ever since her last relationship with G had crumbled, she had come to realize that there were forces beyond her control that could destroy her forever. Demons had entered her body, ones who could remove her very existence from this world. And that feeling of helplessness shook the ground below her feet.

It really didn’t take much to bring her to the thought of ending it all, yet in style. There’s a very valid reason behind why Lila invited who was a part of her life to that last, grand finale of a party. She was too proud to apologize for the relationships soured because of her personality traits; but the person living inside her made her do it. She was to die of the virus that was G’s parting gift to her; but submitting to that death would’ve meant that she had given up!! No way would she ever let that happen, would she? She was Lila, she couldn’t bow down even before the wishes of the Almighty.

There is a reason why the others had tried to kill her and they had failed. No one could grant a suitable punishment to Lila, other than the person who lived inside her. In that flash of a moment, Lila emptied her life of all the memories and materialistic assets that she had clung on to and decided to leave. In the manner that befitted a woman who had fallen in her own eyes.

P.S: This is what I think I may have seen at Lila's house - Poster