Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 2013: when the flu bug visited us

We had a pretty tough start to the year. Literally from week # 2, the kids were sick on Round 1 and then it was hubby's turn, followed by me. Sniffles, coughs, fever, body aches - name it and we had it. 

Then we had one week free in the middle and I was so relieved, even made some weekend plans to go visit the zoo in neighbouring Al Ain. But on the eve of the weekend - guess what? Our older one ended up with a earache and a quick visit to the ENT doctor revealed the stirrings of a ear infection. And the next day our little one began to cough a little too. Blame it on the windy, dusty weather - so bookings had to be cancelled and we were yet again holed up at home.

Having spent most of January indoors, and having had NO life of my own in the past few weeks - I've developed the greatest respect for motherhood which is hands down the most selfless job designations I will ever hold. 

This was the first ever time my little baby fell sick so it was my first time to care for two sick kids at the same time. Being up for most nights rocking the little one to sleep, bearing up with his crankiness - AND taking care of the older one when he was sick and at home from school WHILST being sick myself - heck, yeah I managed. I thank the Lord Almighty for my better half who's been such an amazing dad and the biggest blessing ever for me : Couldn't have done it without him :-) 

Hoping Ms. Flu bug has bade us goodbye for the rest of the year - Bye and Please Don't Come back!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Online communication!

So, of late I've been facing a little heartache when people have been very inconsiderate in the words they have used during online communication (via online forums/chat/email).

That prompted me to put up this post. Well, those who don't care will not care anyway, whether they read this or not. But at least I get to say what I want.

1. Never say anything online; that you wouldn't say to a person's face. This is so important because in face to face communication there are other factors such as facial expressions / tone of voice that would imply if you were joking / sarcastic. But online, there's nothing except smileys. And many people don't even use it, if they meant no offence.

2. Think before you press the 'send' button or 'comment' button. Even though nowadays you can always edit posts online; you can't recall messages sent to an inbox. And hurtful words once said, cannot be taken back, whether they were said verbally or written.

3. Be nice to people who are nice to you. If you have any personal frustrations, try not to vent it on others who have no connection to it. This is a rule even for offline social interaction. It is crazy when someone would do that online, just because the people you are writing it to are powerless to hurt you back then and there.

4. If you have a problem with someone, take it up privately with them. Refrain from writing indirectly insulting and sarcastic comments that are meant to hurt a particular person or group. Be mature and write to them directly instead of beating around the bush.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

SO many things to do, and such less time in hand

SO my time is ticking. Literally.

Believe it or not, I have TWO big tasks to complete in 2013. Both of these tasks have been deferred infinitely last year due to my pregnancy and the arrival of our little Sumedh.

The first task is what I have less than 6 months for and that is the last and final exam of my PGDBA. The subject is Business Law. I know I can do it if I assign myself the time and cut out from the rest of the world. Somehow I am too much of a social butterfly to be able to shut myself in for a given period of time. I have armed myself with my textbook and highlighter and hope to set a timetable to study - That's why I'm writing about it here so I know that everyone is reading, and I have enough motivation ;-) I can do it!!

The second task and a very interesting one is getting on with my parking tests and towards my driving licence. Ok I can drive so well but I can't park. There is no way I can practice within the city (stupid Abu Dhabi rules) and I have to go all the way to the driving institute which is 1 hr away and that is just one way. Point to point and by the time I complete a class and come back it will be no less than 4 hours. Only and only when I put Sumedh on semi-solids can I even attempt this feat, and when I can have someone take care of him. So that is for April and beyond :-)

Wish me luck my friends!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ciao 2012 and Hi 2013!!

We don't hang calendars at home these days because everything is available at a click of a button on our phones. But I still need a wall calendar on which I mark the days our house help has visited each month in order to enable me to pay him on time. 

It was rather symbolic for me as I took the old calendar of 2012 off my wall and pasted the new one - I clicked some pictures too!

Here's wishing all my blog readers a very happy and prosperous 2013 - May all your dreams come true!!