Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How can I forget; that disarming smile
Eyes so rivettingly deep-set, as we waltz in the twilight

Together, we sing; a lyrical song of love
Beside a stream that's sparkling, a story of true love

When two hearts meet; in a celestial union
With passion replete, a divine sensation

Together we dream of a distant future
Wading through the sands of time, each for the other

For every step that we take; will leave footprints in the heart
And every word you say, will echo forever never to depart
Feelings are unleashed; as you sprawl beside me
Linking your fingers through mine, together we make a love so divine

Your smooth hair the hue of sand; matches your hazel eyes
A tender love, your smiles demand; as an answer to my if's and why's

My heart skips a beat everytime you speak
For every word calm and serene, is the love my heart seeks

Softly and gently you whisper the words; into my curious ears
Hands clasped we walk afterward, my cheek stained with tears

The sun sets down between the rugged hills; you and I never to part
Fingers linked stronger still, let's drink to a fresh start

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Lord and I

Moments, they flash by ; time and destiny dare to defy
Confused, my eyes search ; you and you alone

You smile deeply and beckon me; with your arms wide open
In your eyes I see, a warm compassion

I've never known a love; that seemed more real than yours
Especially for me and I wonder how; purer than the first rain showers

Walk beside me my dear Lord; show me my true path
Never sever the fine cord, hold me no matter what


The wind plays with your lifeless hair; the birds are silent and still
As they lower your coffin, you smile at me as you always will

Memories, I drown in them; of the beautiful days we spent together,
Of the secrets we shared; a close bond that fostered

I still remember your first words; as we awkardly fumbled into friendship
You changed my life forever, to go on undettered

Today you've left me all alone; your memories I silently hold,
Close to me you will always be, until my soul sets me free

They bury you beneath the earth; I weep silent tears in your memory
And I leave you then to search, paradise in its beauty