Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MidYear Musings :)

After some of this and some of that - it is officially the middle of 2016. For better or for worse, the changes in this year have definitely brought out the best of me. I discovered "deeply-buried-inside-me" aspects to myself which I did not know were ever there.
In June this year, I completed 10 years of staying home (of being a SAHM) after quitting a full-time career which was good while it lasted :) I won't trade those beautiful years in for anything in this world - I got to work with some really fun people who were more my friends than colleagues.
I realised early on that I wouldn't be able to juggle the balancing act between motherhood and a full-time job; and so I made the obvious choice. And a beautiful decade it has been ! :) Some awww and hair-raising moments later - the bittersweet experience of parenting has changed hubby and me in ways we never imagined.
Speaking of which, Samarth enters double-digits this year - a milestone in any child's life :) He is at this age where he is not a kid any more and neither a teenager nor an adult as yet. It is this beautiful pre-teen phase where he is beginning to discover himself, his peers, his family and also beginning to understand emotions better. I am happy to be around him when he needs me the most - and happy to witness these years. And alongside, I am praying that the teenage rebellion does not hit us too bad when it arrives :D :D For now, we are enjoying each day in its glory!
As I write this - I am in the midst of planning Sumedh's 4th birthday next month and simultaneously thinking of a special way to celebrate Samarth's 10th birthday in October. In a couple of years he might want to go hang out with his friends FAR away from parental supervision so I'm going to enjoy his 'I need my parents' age while it lasts :)
Meanwhile, I have also been reading SO much on my kindle :D
One of the things on my to-do list  is to put together a list of my favourite books from the huge stash which I have read, alongwith my rating. Interestingly, I have been buying books looking at the reviews and not author-wise, so I have read the books of many unknown authors in the process. There are many upcoming writers, Indian as well as non-Indian, whose works are unparalleled. They write compelling stories which we all need to read - of complex emotions, of simple lives.
What have you been doing this year? I can't wait to hear all about it :)