Sunday, April 14, 2013

Laundry woes!

Ok I hate doing laundry. I am not cut out for domestic tasks but this one is the worst. I can put away folding away clothes till eternity or till I get irritated of the growing mounds of clothes :-(

It takes like what seem like ages for my laundry pile to go from this..

to this....

No other domestic chore irritates me as much as folding clothes. I can cook, wash dishes, wipe dust.....anything but fold clothes in happiness. I have tried moving the pile to the living room so that I can watch TV whilst I go through the mundanities, but no it does not make the task any pleasant.

So my dear friends, do you enjoy doing laundry? Share some tips!! 


Nayana Donga said...

you are not alone and emptying the dishwasher is another thing i hate :)

uRmi said...

Haha thanks for the support Nayana! :)