Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Vishu to all my dear blog followers!

We had an enjoyable Vishu this year! It was my little Sumedh's first Vishu and every festival that is a first for a baby is extra special. I let him sip on the payasam a little and he loved it! Since Sumedh is still a little baby and I didn't want to take on the load of cooking a full saddhi meal, I made a limited menu. Just sambar, podimas, cucumber-tomato pachadi and payasam. We even managed to get some nice green elais to eat on, to complete the experience!

Samarth enjoyed the meal so much that he has insisted that I should go to Masterchef India because I'll definitely win. Thanks baby! :-)

A few glimpses of our Vishu!


Richa said...

Happy vishu to u n ur family! :-) Iguess it marks the Tamil new year. Right?

uRmi said...

Thanks Richa, Vishu Is celebrated only by Keralites as the new year. I am a Kerala iyer ( from Kerala but we speak Tamil). We have adopted the best of traditions from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Even our dialect of Tamil is a mix of Tamil and Malayalam words :) :)

Rasmi Singh said...

And another Vishu is around the corner so let me express my best Vishu greetings to everyone. Have fun and may you all blessings!

Happy Vishu.
Rasmi xxx