Saturday, February 26, 2011

The WoMaN in Me

The nurturer of happiness,
The harbinger of good luck
Together in your sorrow, behind every success

I sing silently, the tunes of hope
I'm rendered speechless, when I'm surrounded by infinite love
Sugar and spice, everything nice - it's me in a pink envelope

Deep inside me, the quest of this little heart
For love, akin to the little footprints in the sands of time
See it in the twinkle of my eyes, in the swing of my walk

I'm the real woman, I am confidence personified
Love me, understand me, know me
The world kisses my feet and I am mine!


Sandhya Vaidyanathan said...


Anonymous said...

Loved it, with a capital L :-) Came as a much needed booxt, Urmi, thank u for this!!

Esp loved these lines: 'Together in your sorrow, behind every success' - how very true is that... sadly everything goes unnoticed....

Urmi said...

aww thanks Pal !! :) Yes I quite love that line a lot too :)

Bolan said...

Well Done Urmila.

Richa said...

read a nice verse after long.. :)