Monday, June 8, 2015

Hot, Hotter, Hottest!

Middle of the year already ! June is upon us and how? The mercury is soaring here in Abu Dhabi and no amount of airconditioning can stop the fatigue from creeping upon us. It is officially that time of the year when we in the Middle East, hibernate into the comfort of our pre-cooled abodes and stay there till September :D

Talk about global warming. A few days ago, the temperatures hit a scary 50c at Sweihan in Abu Dhabi, making the UAE the hottest country in the world that day! And if this is how it is now, just imagine what July and August will look like. Hmph!

Oh and it is also summer holiday time in a few weeks from now. Maybe you are travelling to some exotic destination. Or if you are an expat then maybe you are travelling home to visit family.

Or maybe you are not doing anything at all and just staying home. Like Me. Yaaay High-Fives! Yup I am staying home this summer and instead having family over in August! :D Keeping the older one occupied won't be tough as he can be shuffled off to summer camp but I'm already looking for creative ideas to keep my toddler occupied :) water play included!

I look forward to lots of time indoors, catching up on movies and taking my kids to indoor play zones. Though it is really difficult because boys being boys - they just HATE staying cooped at home!

What are you doing this summer? Share your plans with me :) Would love to hear !


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