Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Milestones and new beginnings

How soon three months have sped past - officially the first quarter of 2015 is over. These first three months of the year have been so very busy in our household. Our older son had his upanayanam (janeu) ceremony in February this year - a Big cultural and religious milestone for him :) He already looks older and follows all his daily rituals diligently and it is so awesome to watch him do it :)

And as far as milestones go, the little one is not too far behind. Junior is starting nursery this upcoming month and Mommy is a mess of emotions! Oh why, oh dear God why?

The day I had waited for is nearing closer but I am all nervous and anxious. I desperately craved my freedom and thought I would do anything, just anything to get a few hours away from him but now that I am just so close to it, all I can think of is cuddling him closer to me and imprinting those moments in my mind.

Those days of him just hanging around at home, taking naps whenever, cozying up to mommy - are officially about to be over because now he will be introduced to structure. I am sure he is EXTRA ready for it because he has proven that to me. His face lights up at the thought of going to a nursery (because he obviously thinks I will be sitting there with him). I just pray that he does not cry too much and hope he settles in soonest!

In fact I think mommies have a tougher time settling than the little ones in question. Especially us SAHMs because we are just so used to a little one following us around, tugging at our clothes, asking a hundred questions and a combo of giggling and chattering endlessly. The silence is going to be unnerving at first and hopefully I will get used to it soon.

Do share with me tips on how you got your little one adjusted to the new environs! I am waiting to hear your story


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