Monday, September 15, 2014

The POWER of a 'power nap'

Ha ! I can't believe I am the one writing about a power nap. You see, such a term never existed in my life until now. It was either the whole nine yards or none. I used to be a very deep sleeper and nothing could ever stir me, not even if a group of dinosaurs marched past me. I valued my sleep hours so much that I had never considered an alternative.

In my pre-baby days, I have been known to stretch luxuriously into afternoon naps spanning 3 hours. I didn't even need a cot, even a mat on the floor with a comfy pillow would do. And I don't ever recall having had any trouble falling asleep.

Let's fast forward to a few years later. My older one was a peaceful child, he would sleep and let us sleep too. But the younger boy is a different story altogether. He is a restless sleeper-kicker-shouter all rolled into one. So in the wake of my current scenario, I decided to venture into power nap territory. And oh, what a discovery it has been !!

I take the best power naps these days. Just a 15 minute shut eye gives me enough energy for the whole evening and makes me a happier person. And that automatically means everyone around me is happier.  My tot sleeps for about 1.5 hours every afternoon so I try and time my nap accordingly. The older one is back home from school by then so I can't just abandon him and go tuck myself in bed - so this nap is planned and executed accordingly.

My power naps are taken on my comfy couch. The older one feels I am with him in the same room, gives him comfort and also I get to indulge.

Do you take power naps? Does it rejuvenate you? :-) Tell me your story!

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