Saturday, March 8, 2014

The craziest start to 2014 !

January and February 2014. Oh I will never forget the awesome start to this year. Yeah baby, bring it on !

To begin with, in the month of January, our T.V took the suicide plunge. It was awfully overworked so I don't blame it. After 6 years of overuse in our gleefully T.V loving household, one morning in January, the picture tube went into flicker mode and soon there was nothing on the screen ! We actually spent a whole month without T.V and we learned so much about each other as a family. I wonder how it would have been if the Internet had decided to disconnect as well. We would have completely rediscovered the pleasures of living in the real world I am sure!

January 2014 - a.k.a T.V free month was a nice breather. We discovered that we could live without watching the shows that we thought we were addicted to. Of course we were still browsing on the Internet and using social media, but additionally we went back to reading the newspapers and enjoying some great laughs together and having a lot of conversations. There were lots of early nights too. The T.V screen would reappear on weekends but by then we had found so many other fun things to do that we just didn't want to watch T.V anymore :-) 

By the start of February, we acquired couple of new possessions in the house, a wall unit and a smart T.V. In a few days after the T.V arrived, my better half twisted his foot and an X ray revealed it was a hairline fracture. With his foot up in a cast, the onus of taking care of each and every aspect of the kids' routine was on me. My mom flew in to my rescue without as much as a second thought and my dad arrived a couple of weeks later. Along with their unflinching support, I managed to sail through. Hubby darling's cast came off early last week and though he is now able to walk without support, he still needs to be careful and cannot strain his foot at all !

But we lived through it. January was a fun month and though February was very tough on us, I am glad we stuck together and made it as a team. Stress, annoyance, frustration - every emotion crept in but I'm so happy to say that love remained victorious. 

Here's to many many more months of fun, surprises and teamwork in 2014 !

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