Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Ode to my Nose :P

I have always felt that of all my senses, my sense of smell is the most acute :P and therefore this post is totally dedicated to my 'nose' :)

Let me now list out a few of my most favourite smells:

1. This one completely tops the list. I absolutely LOVE my baby's smell at any time of the day, but especially the smell after his bath when he is lotioned, powdered and in fresh clothes; and also when I change him into fresh clothes before his bedtime. I must also mention that I enjoy kissing the top of my kids' heads; it's a unique scent that connects us and the scent that only I know and understand, that marks them as mine! :)

2. Of course, hubby's manly scents. There's something different and cozy about the way he smells, and it's the scent that I know and I am familiar with. It evokes in me a sense of familiarity and a sense of belonging. Wow!

3. Agarbattis or incense, is used in our home daily. There are certain fragrances that are way better than the others such as sandalwood, jasmine and musk. Just lighting one stick and passing it around the house gives a cozy and warm feeling, and of course the house smells great too!

4. I absolutely love the smell of fresh jasmine flowers. I don't know if they add artificial scents but it always gives me a headache when I wear the 'gajra' sold here.  I much prefer the ones available in India because it instantly transports me to a family wedding and memories of when we cousins enjoy decking our hair with flowers!

5. I absolutely relish the smell of freshly brewed 'kaapi' decoction. I enjoy the way the whole house smells of the rich beverage; there's no better way to announce that it's a Tambrahm household! I literally inhale the smell, it is almost as good as drinking a cup of coffee.

6. I know when my favourite food is being cooked by just a whiff of the masalas. This especially holds true when my mother is wielding the ladle :D I don't know WHAT she puts into her cooking but there's a magical taste that only she can infuse into the food.

7. Smoky smells attract me a lot. Whether it is a 'havan kund' or a barbeque, it's the same. I love the way my nose fills with the soft yet strong smell of the grilling and burning/charring stuff. Weird right???

That's my list. What's yours? Don't forget to comment here! :-D


Lavanya Ashok said...

Hmm..here are my favourites..

1. Smell of wet sand [Addicted to this!! Especially after it has just rained, feel this so much more in India]
2. Smell of the beach/ocean
3. Scent of my dad's cologne & mom's face cream - haha - Something that transports be back to my childhood
4. Smell of masalas of mom's cooking - totally my favorite too: She wields true magic in her cooking!
5. Scent of babies after they have been bathed and powdered -- aww :)
6. This might seem odd but I love the scent they spray at Westin hotels when they perfume your rooms.. You guys should totally stay at one to just smell the room :) Its really addictive!

I am sure I can think of so many more but these top the list! :)

uRmi said...

hey lavu! I just saw this today, wonder how I missed the notification! cute list :D