Sunday, June 9, 2013

Being humble and grateful is a virtue in today's world

I wonder why some people get all arrogant and smug when everything is going the way they have desired. I mean, it is always nice when we get all that we have ever wished for but what is the point of looking down on others?

Be it someone who has suddenly turned into an entrepreneur, or someone who has taken up a new hobby or someone who is suddenly minting money by a miraculous twist of fate.

Wow, I mean, wow!

A change of fortunes caused by one's hard work is always nice and brings a nice refreshing boost to a fading self esteem. What about when you start to look at others who were also once where you were but are still there. Do you have nothing to talk about to them - sorry they are still busy talking about housework, cooking, kids, babies, nappies and feeding intervals.

Don't ever get me wrong. I am doing enough in my life now to keep me ticking every single moment. But I've noticed that I don't treat people differently - but I get treated differently all of a sudden. I don't currently work full time but I don't judge anyone who either does or doesn't. Everyone does what they can in the time that they have. Only they will know what they can do and can't do.

Even if one day I were to earn the mega bucks, I would still cherish the little friendships I have now - moms like me right now. I can never forget who I was and what has helped me to be the way I am now.

Bottom line - I guess it is very important to be grateful. Show gratitude and humility at every stage in your life. I have learned that it is important to be modest about your achievements and you will receive multifold levels of happiness.

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