Monday, June 24, 2013

A sappy mom's memoirs :)

I found myself holding Samarth and sobbing, last night as he slept. 

I think something he said yesterday evening snapped a cord in my heart and I felt like I needed to hold on to every fragment of his childhood which was slipping away. Aww well I am a sappy mom :)
I have always felt like he is growing up so soon. One minute he was a little baby crawling everywhere and so tiny, and now he is like a 4 foot something nearly 7 year old :)

I am sure most of us moms feel like that. On one hand we are so happy that our little ones are getting all independent and can do so much on their own. On the other hand we feel like their childhood will soon end and then what? 
There are days when I want to tear my hair out. Days when I would wish he would sit quiet in one place and listen to me rather than rambling continuously. And then the days when I wish he wasn't sitting quietly at his table and colouring. 

Those days when the poor guy is ill, I wish he would wake up and shout and scream. The silences then are unbearable. 

I sobbed last night just thinking of everything I would miss when his age was no longer in single digits. He'd then be a pre-adolescent, a teenager and then yeah an adult! Crawling right behind him would be little Sumedh who also seems to be growing at a rapid pace. Can't believe just 2 months more for his birthday!

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