Sunday, October 14, 2012

I've been reading!

I've been utilizing the post delivery period to catch up on some reading. I had the awesome foresight to order some books for myself and it's been sheer joy to immerse myself in one of my favourite hobbies.

Ever since I got home from the hospital on August 26th 2012; I've read:

1. The two books in the Shiva Trilogy
2. Another Man's wife by Manjul Bajaj

Both the above are EXCELLENT reads..

3. 'Devil in Pinstripes' and 'If God was a Banker' by Ravi Subramanian
4. Fifty Shades Darker (overdose of the kinky stuff, not very interesting)

Didn't find these too great

and now..

I've finally started reading Chanakya's Chant and I am mesmerized to say the least :)

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