Monday, September 17, 2012

A mother's struggle for her daughter's bright future

The maalish bai who comes home these days for massaging baby Sumedh, is one helluva woman. She shares a lot of stories about her life with me as she is giving me the postnatal massage - and each story is special in its own way.

This woman has been so strong even when life was so cruel to her. When her daughter was 3 months old, this woman found out that her husband already had another wife hidden away. She immediately divorced him and moved out to her parents' home.

She left her daughter with her father [the baby's grandfather] while she took the decision to move here to the UAE to eke a living as a postnatal masseuse. She talks fondly about her daughter's childhood, the moments that she has missed out on. About how she has struggled in an alien land just so that her daughter can have the best education and won't ever need to face the same struggles as she did.

Her daughter till date feels bad that she never got the love of her parents. No dad of course; and mom went away to another country to work. Of course mom wanted the best for her but at what cost? Life can be unfair - very few people can have their cake and eat it too.

From her life story, I am reminded of how much parents can sacrifice so that their children can have a cozy life. Parents always want the best for their children, they always wish for comfort levels and happiness for their children, which is a notch higher than what they have experienced.

When my maalish bai talks, I can hear the glint of hope in the slight quiver of her voice. I can see the dreams she has for her daughter shining in those little black beady eyes.There is something about motherhood that turns women into ferocious tigresses, so immensely protective of their child. There is no limit to what a mother can do for her child and there are no horizons on the sky of her hopes.

 A mother's heart never gives up dreaming for her children.


vandana craftsia said...

Truly the sacrifices a mother can make for her child is beyond imagination. The incident is so moving, it really makes one feel that the little things that we complain about really have no meaning when we look at the larger picture and the real sufferings and sacrifices.

Priya said...

Mother hope for their kids is what makes this world revolve.