Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yummmmmmmmy Garlic Bread

Tried my hand at Garlic bread and it was splendid !

I happened to have several slices of leftover old bread and had just bought a small box of ready peeled garlic cloves. I didn't expect a fantastic result; but the result was delicious. I made it as a tea-time snack today, we were ravenous and wolfed it down !! I forgot to click a pic though :-)

[Image courtesy: leboncroissant.com]

My recipe

Bread: I used slices of regular sandwich bread [6 slices] which I halved horizontally. The one used commercially is the french bread [baguette]

For the garlic spread:

Crushed garlic [I used a garlic press, and about 5 cloves]. You can alter the quantity as per your preference
1.5 tbsp of butter
1.5 tbsp of low fat cheese spread / mayonnaise
salt to taste
a bit of white pepper if you want the spice


1. Halve the slices of sandwich bread.
2. Spread the garlic mixture on each piece. Now heat a tawa and place 2 pieces at a time with the garlic side up. Once the bottom of the slice is warmed, flip over and wait for a minute or so till it is well browned

Serve with ketchup! :D Happy eating !!


Anonymous said...

Yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I loooove garlic bread :-) And your recipe sounds awesome!

Shanthi said...

Lovely breads and it haas come out perfect. Do drop in to my blog sometime