Friday, September 3, 2010

Chinna Chinna padham veythu, kannaa nee vaa :-)

Right from when the festive season kicked off, I had dreamed of building this pandal for my darling Krishna for this year's festival. I am delighted that my decorative efforts paid off :-)

Enjoy these pics from Janmashtami at our home here in Abu Dhabi, this year of 2010

Everything turned out JUST how I had expected it to. Even the eats for neivedhyam tasted perfect, just the way I had imagined it would. Special thanks to Savithri for her mom's Nei Appam recipe, and to my precious Jaya chitthi for her microwave therattipaal recipe.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Urmi! You're such a good girl... whenever I feel lazy, I simply ought to visit your blog for some pepping up :-)

Jaya said...

Lovely pics and great decorations Urmi!Keep it up!

Urmi said...

Thanks Pallavi :) I'm also pretty lazy myself, but I turn over a new leaf for festivals :D

Thanks Chitthi!

Swaram said...

Krishna is sooo sooo cute :) Just can' take my eyes off him :)