Monday, April 20, 2009

Married to a Stranger

Married for 30 years and sitting amidst a cosy gathering which included their children and grandchildren; Padma thought she was truly and astutely blessed. How she wished Hari was also here today with her; how she hoped they'd be able to exchange their silent glances as they always did.

Feb 4th 2009. A warm tear slid down her cheek as she recalled the horrid day two months ago when a sudden cardiac arrest took him away and they'd not as much had a moment to say their farewells to each other. Before retiring to bed the previous night, they'd barely exchanged a hug when the pain had come. Tearing and rushing through the very core of his insides; it had snatched him away in minutes. Final and undeterred, time waited for noone.

Naaaaaaaani? Naaaaani !!!!! ; screamed little Asha, all of 3 years. She wanted her grandma to see her newly stacked blocks that she'd arranged all by herself. Patting the little one on her back, Padma continued on to the room which she'd shared with her beloved Hari-ji. She was feeling particularly lonely this afternoon and pulled out the only one diary that comforted her in such moments.

Turning to the last page, she stared hard at the browning paper cutout. It read:


gina said...

Good work Urmi!

Well written with a touch of Roald Dahl

Anonymous said...

Hey Urmi,
That was awesome! Precis and touching. Well-done!! Are u sure this is your first short story ever? Waiting for more.

aseeba said...

hey tht wasnt i dnt understnd,y did it end abruptly?

Patricia Torres said...

How touching!!! YOu write well... cant wait to read more!

Subbulakshmi said...

niceeeee ...took me some time to get the real relevance of the different dates mentioned and the end :)))