Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The wind plays with your lifeless hair; the birds are silent and still
As they lower your coffin, you smile at me as you always will

Memories, I drown in them; of the beautiful days we spent together,
Of the secrets we shared; a close bond that fostered

I still remember your first words; as we awkardly fumbled into friendship
You changed my life forever, to go on undettered

Today you've left me all alone; your memories I silently hold,
Close to me you will always be, until my soul sets me free

They bury you beneath the earth; I weep silent tears in your memory
And I leave you then to search, paradise in its beauty

1 comment:

Sandhya udayshankar said...

hey this is nice stuff...
keep writing.. looking forward to reading your blogs now.. :)