Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Always TRY.

Today, in fact just now this night I just realised that I wrote only a handful of posts on this blog this year. But hey, on the brighter side, I tried! :D

You know, ultimately that's what matters. Whether you TRIED or not. Maybe you are struggling to learn a new skill. Maybe you need to work really hard towards passing an examination. Or maybe it's something else. Never mind. Always remember to try. Even if it feels like forever, remember that every day is like a drop in the ocean. It counts.

So before I start sounding like some life coach, let me quickly write down some of my learnings from this grand year.

1. I am responsible for my own happiness. if I am happy, I automatically radiate happiness towards the people around me. Hubby, kids, family, neighbours, strangers. Everyone.

2. Every step counts. What may feel like a futile exercise today, brings rewards tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow :)

3. Empowerment is not just one of those fancy words. Empower yourself, empower everyone around you. You will automatically feel the positive vibes.

4. Every day is a new experience. Sure I have had my share of those days when nothing seems to be going right and I feel like going and huddling inside my comforter. Sadly on such days, vanishing is not even an option. Therefore, staying in the situation with the head held firmly high is important :)

5. Gratitude. This year, I have cultivated the attitude of gratitude. Work in progress but getting there :)

I have learned so much more, it is too much to even remember and write here. Through the peals of laughter that escaped my throat and through the tears that flowed from my eyes on some occasions - this year was iconic. I guess every year is.

What matters is what we take away from it.

As you may have already guessed :) I am wrapping up this year on my blog with today's post. We are now a fortnight away from waving goodbye to 2015.

Adieu 2015 and here's to a rocking new year 2016. Cheers to more real friendships, more gadget-free times, enjoying with the kids, more travel, and more of understanding myself along the way.


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