Monday, November 2, 2015

Thinking positive

It's almost the end of 2015. Time to wrap up the year now, analyse the moments and absorb the goodness whilst chucking out the negativity.

If there's one thing I learned this year then it is the power of positive thinking. Oh I know what you must be imagining (What a cliche, everyone says it all the time). If you have been doing it then you know what I mean.

Live today to the best you can and infuse the goodness of today into your full being.

I was never a strong believer in these thoughts until I started to feel the positive effects myself. I couldn't believe that my unvoiced thoughts could actually impact the flow of events in my day and affect my perception of these events.

But you know what? It does. Positive thinking is not just meant to be taught in workshops etc and forgotten. It is meant to be a way of life. And for a good reason.

For example, I am not at all a morning person. I find it very difficult to wake up and function at very early hours. However due to the schedules at home with the kids, I don't have a choice. So I try and infuse a bit of happiness into my morning routine by either observing the birds outside or marvelling at the rising sun and watching some reflections before I enter the kitchen. It really makes a difference and makes me feel better.

Smile more often

Smile at your kids, smile at your spouse and smile for no reason at all. Maintaining a cheerful disposition makes you feel good from the inside. If you can't think of even one thing that makes you smile then gosh, you aren't really looking at the brighter side of life. Smiling does not make our troubles vanish but it makes them easier to bear.

Many things in life are out of our control

Dwelling on these things will only make us sadder. Instead, think of what you are grateful for and keep reminding yourself of this. If it is in our hands then we should work on changing it, else set it aside.

It is very difficult to think positive all the time but believe me when I say that I have met people who really manage it 24x7. So it is not impossible. Just try and I guarantee you will feel a sense of inner healing and happiness.

After all, our happiness impacts our health and we should always strive to be happy by ourselves and not depend on the rest of the world.

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