Friday, March 15, 2013

My little helper!

On the first weekend of March 2013, dearest hubby had gone on a team building official trip... and I was left to myself, to manage the 2 tykes :-) Samarth is 6.5 years old and Sumedh is 6.5 months old - just in case you didn't know :-)

Though I was all confident that I'll do a good job, intrinsically I was hoping that all would go well as planned and we would not have any nasty surprises to deal with : : (such as tantrums, insomnia etc).

We actually managed so well and let me tell you who was the surprise package for the weekend - yes you guessed right, it was Samarth

My 'all-grown-up' sweetheart Samarth did everything he could with his little hands and he was in all certainty my lil Man Friday - right from entertaining his brother, to bringing me nappies during when they needed changing, to being such a sweetheart and maturely taking care of himself too in the process! I will always remember that weekend as a time when I bonded the most with my kids :-)

I find it so hard to believe that Samarth is already growing up so soon. In this very blog, I have written in the past about a lot of cute stuff he's said and done - can't believe those days are gone and all I have is just the memories that are etched in my mind and heart.

Where does the time fly? - is a question I often ask myself. I don't know if I want to confront the answer just as yet. I wish I could freeze time right now. I wish I could pour some of the kiddie fragrances and love into a bottle and seal it forever as mine alone. Sigh! :-)

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Richa said...

Being a mum to a 13month old..I can understand how u feel. Babies grow up far too soon. I wish there was a way to store up the "kiddie fragrance" in some jar forever.. :-)