Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do my cheeks look like Ra.One's Shah Rukh Khan? :O

Mesmerized and admiring a very airbrushed photograph of Shah Rukh Khan in a magazine cover of Ra.One, Samarth's conversation with me goes like this:

Samarth: Amma, do your cheeks match Shah Rukh Khan's?

Me: No, how can it. Shah Rukh Khan is a man.

Samarth: No your cheeks are dry and Shah Rukh Khan's cheeks are very smooth. 

Me: Huh !! Ok, whatever :O

GRRRRRR.... The last thing I want is my cheeks to be compared to Shah Rukh Khan's airbrushed image and that too of Ra.One which I totally detest. Okay my bollywood-attracted, star struck 5 year old son, I'm definitely not headed to moisturize my cheeks on this very dry winter morning !

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