Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Tamil songs I have been hearing lately

Azhagai Pookuthey  
This haunting melody in the Raga Kiravani from the movie Ninaithaale Inikkum has captured my heart in gentle essence. I cannot stop hearing it!

Idhu Varai Illatha Unarvukal
From the movie Goa, this one is very contemporary and stylish, yet extremely melodious!

Aval Appdi Onrum 
From the movie 'Angadi Theru'. Before I watched this movie, I was in total awe of the melody and lyrics and  it kept attracting me magically. The movie has a very raw content and it focusses on the lives of the employees in big textile showrooms in Chennai and how they are treated by the owners. Extremely heartwrenching story; I couldn't bear to watch it at one stretch. This song took on a whole new meaning for me after I watched the movie as I really immersed myself in the characters.

Kaatril Varum Geethame
It will surely be etched into my favourites for many many years to come by !

Do you have any favourite songs that you would like to share with me? I am waiting to read about it !

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