Monday, October 24, 2011

Shubh Deepavali !!

दीपाना दिपितम इती, पा अल्नेना पलितम,आयुर्दायाकम, वाल्नना अर्जितमलययोगेना ईप्सितम इती दीपावली

दीपावली प्रकाश्येता खलु सर्वं!!

The translation runs as:
May the Deepawali (Diwali) take the humanity towards Eternal Light! This light is the physical light created by the earthen Lamp, for seeing around, where I do exist. May it lead me to Eternal flame and to provide me meaningful Long life, the higher Yoga of Supreme realization and grant me the boon of Spiritual illumination!

All the phonemes of the word Deepawali have been explained in the Sanskrit Sloka. The first three lines are the sound structures of the term Deepawali, signifying the quintessence of the effulgence of the clay lamps ,The fourth line of the Shloka is prayer for all.

With this beautiful prayer, I hereby herald the beginning of Diwali this year :-) Today is the first day of Diwali and it's Dhanteras, the auspicious day that falls two days before Diwali, when Hindus buy gold/silver or anything to signify wealth/Lakshmi.

First things first though! Shopo Diwali fever is on and I have a secret little wish list :-) 

This one by Varnam stole my heart !! I'm in awe of the beautiful brocade design !!

And this one too from by Mish Mash Design!! The colour combination is so soothing on this one, and though this shade of blue may not be a festive colour, it sure wins my heart!

....and I save my most favourite one for the last

Could there be anything more beautiful than this lamp by The People's Project? It brings back precious memories of my times spent at my grandmother's home and it reminds me of the beautiful antique silver lamps she possessed and I secretly admired !!

Thank you Shopo and ColoursDekor for announcing this contest and I sure hope I am one of the lucky ones!! Shubh Deepavali to one and all !! :)


Patricia Torres said...

Happy Diwali.. to you and all your loved ones... Urmi!! Hope you had a fabulous day!!

Your wish list is stunning too.. Good luck for the give away!!

Urmi said...

Thanks Patty !! :)