Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sacred Spaces

It gives me great happiness to join in Patty's Creative Spaces linky party for this month of September :)

Let me tell you a bit about my creative space - it's a small square spot in a cozy corner of my bedroom and it is where I create most of my crafts :)

Cozy spaces attract me immensely, I feel more at ease and it helps my creativity to freely flow out :)

This drawer is where I store all my craft supplies, paints, brushes, scissors and other accessories.

My mantra is 'go green', so you'll be looking a lot of cartons, discarded boxes, and other tins when you sneak a peek into my workspace :)

Nothing gives me more peace than spending time crafting and creating some art :) Those are the hours in which I am truly content, a blissful experience :)

Do you like my space? Don't forget to leave me a comment! :)


Sarmistha said...

cute creative space you got Urmi.A drawer full of your supplies keeps them in one place and not scattered around.a nice spot to relax and put your creative imagination into work.

Urmi said...

Thanks a lot Sarmistha! Yes, I am too particular about it - I have very limited supplies so a little drawer suits me the best. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! :)