Friday, May 20, 2011

A Thousand words

Linking in to Patty's gorgeous spotlight on 'A Thousand words' this May :-)

My books have always been my companions all over the years. Be it my cookbooks, or my collection of fiction penned by Indian authors - it's very difficult for me to choose which particular book I love the most.

This is my tiny little bookshelf back home in Mumbai, a space which I treasure very very much. It's not a very big collection, but it holds great meaning in my life.

Books have always interested me. I have been in love with the magical world of words every since I was a little girl, always enchanted by it. I would always be found in my cozy corner at home, surrounded by my fave cushions and a book in my hands.

I recall an interesting anecdote at this point. Once, my mother was about to step in for a shower and she had asked me to watch over my toddler sister. I was around 5 at that time and, as always, immersed in one of my books. Apparently, mum came back to see that my sister had crawled really far away and I was just so busy reading that I didn't even notice!!

The same holds true even today. When I bury my head in an interesting book, I am blissfully unaware of what is happening around me.

This is a book that's very precious to me.... it contains a lot of traditional recipes given by my mum, and it also has a few recipes I like and have tried over the past few years here in my kitchen in Abu Dhabi.

Some cookbooks I own!

And... last but not the least, this is my very tiny little book collection here in Abu Dhabi. I have always wished to have more space so that I can collect more books - Hopefully it will happen some day! :)

I am keen to develop the reading habit in my son and I am already seeing the love he has for his picture books. They lure him into their world, just as they enticed me :)

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