Sunday, August 1, 2010

Waiting for the bevy of festivals

I can't really explain why; but this year I am totally looking forward to the festival season :-) :-) :-) Even though I celebrate by myself here in Abu Dhabi; in our cosy home - it is still something that I await.

I'm totally awaiting Gokulashtami for a special reason. This year, my inlaws have gifted me a small mini-stage made in oxidized silver for my deities to sit on during the pooja. I also plan to make a small jhoola for my new Vennai-krishna idol :-) And of course the Lord's favourites: Appams, Pal Payasam and Vadai. I also deck up my little boy as a baal-krushna :-)

Moving on, to Ganesh Chaturthi which is always replete with Modaks. I create my Ganesha idol by myself, as has been for the past two years; and last year I had also made a special pedestal for Ganaraya to rest on. Planning to make some paper flower decorations this year; as extra ornaments :)

And then there's Navratri and Diwali. Full of heavy-eats. Hope I can find some low-cal recipes for this year :-P

Happy Festive Season, to all my blog readers :)


Patricia Torres said...

wow.. wow!! me too!! i simply wait for this season to start..

Jaya said...

Waiting to see Samarth papa as Baal Krishna!!!:))
Jaya Chithi

Anonymous said...

Awww, that is so sweet. You inspire me out of my laziness , Urmi :-)