Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rangoli Designs for Diwali

I've put togther some nice Rangoli patterns for Diwali - simple and easy-to-create even for beginners. Do try them and let me know. There are just 4 here, but you can find other patterns on my blog too.


Anonymous said...

oh wow!! nice & easy Urmi... I'll try a simpler version of the 1st one... I dont have too much space as well... so a smaller one should look ok... will let you know.

3mikindia said...

Nice and cute rangoli designs :) . I would like to feature some of these here

Cuttysark said...

Nice blog, i love your rangoli designs patterns. Thanks for sharing and more power to your blog!

Unknown said...

I love these diwali rangoli designs with dots. these patterns are very useful this coming diwali 2013. Keep it up!

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David Jones said...

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Robin said...

I'm glad I found this web site.I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work and Happy Diwali to you all.

Greetings Mag said...

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